How do I change the page navigation order?

Each site has a navigation menu, often with subnavigation within each section.  The default behavior in the CMS is to order the pages by alphabetical order. 


If you want to override that behavior and manually order your navigation items, you can do so by using the Navigation Order field on the editing interface in the CMS for that page.


  1. Find the page you want to re-order in the CMS and open up its editing tab by double-clicking it on the Site Tree
  2. Near the top, within the Page Settings section, you'll find an input field called Navigation Order.
  3. Enter a number to determine order within site navigation (the higher the number, the higher in the navigation it will be)

This ordering logic is the same for subpages (or subnavigation).

Tip: We recommend using intervals of 10 (ex. 100, 90, 80, etc.), as that way if you ever need insert or move a page between two existing pages, you don't have to renumber all the html pages but you can use an in-between number (ex. 75 would go between 80 and 70).

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