Videos Policies in the CMS

Adding a Video to your website can seem like a daunting task.  Here is helpful information which can walk you through the process.

Andrews University doesn't have the resources to host videos at this time. Integrated Marketing & Communication uses youtube for the hosting of videos.  If you would like to use youtube to host your departmental videos please visit the following links to help you.


Create a Andrews University Youtube Channel:
If you department does not have a youtube channel yet please consider the following.

Name your channel using the following examples.  andrews_{department name} or andrewsuniversity.{department name}.  We strongly discourage au.{department name}.

Follow the steps below to set up a youtube account:


Uploading Videos to your department channel:
Youtube provides support for uploading videos on many devices.  Follow the link to learn how:


Embed video to a website:
Youtube provides support for embedding videos onto your website.  For the purpose of most websites in the CMS we suggest the video size be no larger than 550 px wide. You can do this by selecting custom size and typing 550 into the first box.  Youtube will then automatically add the height.
Follow the link to learn how:


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