Image Resizing

Image ResizingImages and photos are a great way to increase visual appeal on a webpage, break up the length of text, and keep your visitor's attention longer.

Before we can place an image into a webpage, we need to resize the image to an appropriate size for the web, and then upload that image into the CMS.  Unfortunately, most photos downloaded from digital cameras are too large to place on a webpage and should be resized.

Resources for Image Resizing

Many photo editing programs include options to resize your photos.  If you're not sure how to use your program or don't have one on your computer, here's a list of sites that can help resize your image:

There are also many photoshop tutorials online on this topic.

Recommended Sizes for Images

Given the current design standards and layouts for most webpages on the University website, we strongly recommend making images no larger than 400 pixels wide to avoid having larger images break the template layouts.  On most webpages, a size of 200-250 pixels wide will work well in the top right of the page.

Once you have resized your image, you are ready to upload it to the CMS.

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